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Slings & Holsters, Snigel Design

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When needed, our slings and holsters will provide the user with his weapons in the blink of an eye. They will also hold them in a comfortable and safe way, so you can confidently focus on the situation.


We believe in comfort and have developed a rifle sling that is not only comfortable but that also speeds up your reaction time. The rifle sling can be attached to the vest or used as a normal rifle sling.


Our holsters are designed to be attached, like any pouch, onto any of our carriers. You can choose whether you want to wear it on your belt, your leg or on the vest.


The holsters form a system within our system with a flap, the holster body and a holder that can be combined in different ways, depending on the user's preference.

ENGLISH A leg strap to secure the pistol holster against the leg. 40 mm...
11 €
ENGLISH A strong steel hook for 40 mm wide webbing. SVENSKA En...
4,67 €
ENGLISH Weight: 160 g Dimensions: L= 25, W= 15 & D= 3 Fits in:...
37,38 €



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