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Load Bearing Rigs & Leg Platforms, BLACKHAWK!

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loadA safe, flexible and comfortable way to carry mission essential equipment on the body.


The padded and body shaped duty belt is an innovation in comfort with it´s padded inner belt. All load carriers have padded shoulder parts and no sharp edges exist that could rub or casue irritation.  

Carrying capacity

The load carriers are designed to be comfortable and safe. They are the result of over 10 years of continuous development. Starting with the trouser belt as a base. Adding the leg holder with 1 position to that. If you need more carrying capacity on your legs, select the leg plate, "small" with 2 positions or "regular" with 3 positions. Use the equipment belt for more carrying capacity and/or the armpit plate for covert or tactical carrying. The armpit plate gives you 4 positions. For the serious carrier, use the chest equipment carrier with 8-16 positions. The tactical vest, with its 24 positions, gives you ample space for even the most demanding mission. Every detail on these load carriers has been tested, adjusted and tested again. This process continues until we are sure that they can fulfil the demanding requirements set out at the beginning.

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