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Hydration Systems, Berkey Water Purifier

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Different easily accessible hydration systems to carry your daily water need. Water when you need, where you need it.  

Source mission:

To provide the infantry soldier with comprehensive state of the art load bearing and hydration gear solutions, so they can successfully perform their present and future combat missions. To bring traditional textile oriented military gear such as backpacks, water canteens, combat vests and body armors into a new generation of High End innovative gear. Source uniqueness is in the holistic approach looking at the fighting soldier as an integrated platform/system rather than a carrying mule that bears whatever is “loaded” on it. Genuine Innovation: Source’s technologies virtually eliminate the issue of cleaning, delivering water that’s fresh and safe. Creating New Standards: We’re developing procedures to scientifically evaluate hydration performance, helping militaries to build better specs. Fast Response: We can provide custom made hydration samples in as little as two weeks. Designed by Soldiers: Source’s head designer and much of its key personnel are ex-officers in the IDF elite forces. Credibility: In the last year several major armies have switched to Source from other hydration systems. Combat Proven: Hundreds of thousands of Source systems are in use, with many field tested in the most extreme conditions  

Source features:

1. TASTE FREE- Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. BPA and Phthalate free. As you will see below the synergy of the Glass-Like™ plastic film and Grunge-Guard™ gives you the assurance that your drinking water stays fresh, odor and taste-free for days, even weeks

2. Grunge-Guard™ Technology- An FDA approved and EPA registered antibacterial permanently embedded into the reservoir and tube to block bacteria growth. Effective for the life of the system. This protection has no effect on the water and is non-leaching

3. Glass-Like™ Film Technology- the smoothest polymer ever made and the closest to glass. As with glass, the system is “self-cleaning” since dirt and bacteria cannot stick to the reservoir surface. A liquid container with a smooth contact surface reduces the ability of bio-film to form. There are no irregularities on the surface for bacteria to cling to and the regular flow of water self cleans the container

4. Low Maintenance- SOURCE's technologies combined represent the next generation in hydration systems, in which cleaning is no longer an issue. Our systems require the lowest maintenance on the market.




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