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Bags & Backpacks

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Our aim is to enable the users to carry all the additional equipment required for the mission, on top of the load carriers, in the most comfortable and safe way.  


The development of our backpacks started in 1977 when PH saw a picture of the new backpack for the Swedish Army and decided to improve upon it for himself. Now, some 30 years later, we are finally ready to release the result of a never ending development: The mother of all military backpacks and her smaller cousins.

 Military versus civilian

Some of the main differences between military and civilian backpacks are: A military backpack must be comfortable when loaded with up to 60 kg (appr. 132 lbs) A military backpack must be stronger, as it will be used in combat and the users will often not have time to take special care of it A military backpack must be easier to use as it is often used in stressful situations and/or in the dark.


We have an XLarge backpack designed for military use, but with the improvements seen in advanced civilian backpacks. We also have some small backpacks that fit with or on the load carriers and will sustain you for a day or two. Both of them can be used in a variety of ways and have numerous attachment points to work with our other products, yet they are plain and easy to use.

A black Tactical bag for a gasmask, gloves and accessories fits...
48 €
This briefcase features a roomy interior, two exterior sleeve pockets and...
149 €
A serious, narrow profile, technical pack designed for unlimited mobility...
89,95 €
Uncle Mike's Sportmens Range Bag Black can also be used as a Police...
59 €
This rugged briefcase is made of 600-denier nylon and features a hidden...
39 €
ENGLISH Weight: 1900 g Dimensions: W= 39 cm, H= 58 cm, D= 23 cm....
201,87 €
Weight: 1, 6 kg Dimensions: W= 30 cm, H= 45 cm, D= 16 cm. Volume= 25...
194 €
ENGLISH A bag for the Swedish armys parachutes. All made in FR Cordura...
69,16 €
A very, very large roller bag for all your gear and some more. One...
454 €



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