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 ZAK Tools Standard 40mm Metal belt Key Ring Holder, STAT no.: 73269098 images

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ZAK Tools Standard 40mm Metal belt Key Ring Holder, STAT no.: 73269098


Price: 10,40 €

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Strong  Stailess Steel Belt Key Ring Holder, Black Powder Coat Finish

Side View. Fits Narrow 1.75" (40mm) Standard Belts.

ZAK Tool products are designed especially for Police and Fire agencies.

Made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials, ZAK products are built to last.

(the pictured cuff keys are not included)


Mycket robust Nyckelringshållare för 33-40 mm breda Byx eller uniformsbälten.

Kan användas med fördel som krok och hjälmhake eller hållare för hund koppel

(handbojsnycklarna på bilden ingår EJ)


Product details

Category: Handcuff Accessories

Product weight: 0.15 kg.

Manufacturer: ZAK TOOL

Product code (SKU): ZT54

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