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 VIP SPORT™ Practical Overt Vest, STAT: 63079099 images

  • VIP SPORT™ Practical Overt Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • VIP SPORT™ Practical Overt Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • VIP SPORT™ Practical Overt Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • VIP SPORT™ Practical Overt Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
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VIP SPORT™ Practical Overt Vest, STAT: 63079099

SKU: SBA7100

Price: 890 €

 Color: Black / Svart

  price may vary based on size / storlek

  price may vary based on body armour protection level


In stock

shipping cost is not included.

VIP SPORT™ Male Protection Vest features:
• -Ultra lightweight, thin & soft
• -Extremely Comfortable
• -In-Built 3D COMFORTSHIELD™ ventilation & Trauma reduction system
• -Maximum protection around your body – with low profile!
• -Optimal Usability with quick drying high ventilation fabrics
• -3 overlapping Panels construction
• -Overlapping side panels

• -2 side Pockets for keys, mobile phone or a gun

• -7 sizes in Standard, Long and Extra Long = 21 Sizes

• -Hand made in Sweden
Ordering information:
Choose size and Color and the correct price will be shown.

Quick Delivery ! -Manufactured and shipped the same day.

Used by numerous European & International Police and government agencies, Press & Aid Organizations, Security companies and VIP´s.

Your Size = 3 - 4 cm larger than the largest area around your belly / stomach in cm.

S = up to 81 cm

M = up to 95 cm

L = up to 100 cm

XL = up to 110 cm

2X. Large = up to 132 cm

3X. Large = up to 152 cm

4X.Large = up to 172 cm

Important ! If you are larger than >up to< measurement in centimeters around the widest part of your belly the vest will NOT overlap correctly and protect you fully.

Optimal Usability:
VIP SPORT™ is an exclusive body protection vest designed to provide good ballistic and knife protection for vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen and spine while keeping a low profile. Front and back panel overlap on the sides for maximum protection.
The  VIP SPORT™ comes designed with adjustable U-band™waist straps allowing the vest to be adjusted to almost any body shape or size. The vest is very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. A VIP SPORT™ in size Large with protection level NIJ II weighs only 1,5 kg!
VIP SPORT™ can be upgraded with our SPV-PRO™ internal stab protective panels for higher stab protection levels, Ballistic plates to stop rifle & exotic threats (front and back), side protection panels, genital ballistic and/or cut protection, and Shoulder & Collar Pack that offers optional removable protection for the shoulders and neck.
Available in Protection Levels according to NIJ STD II, IIIA, IIIA+ as well as German, Swedish and British HOSDB/Home Office Ballistic/Stab/Splinter Protection levels.

• -10 years warranty on the protection level -void if abused, see our terms .
• -100% satisfied customer warranty. VIP SPORT™ can be tailor made if necessary to fulfil customer’s requests or female special sizes. - Good fit is important for comfort and safety!
• -Lifetime international repair warranty on ballistic panels.
• -10 years warranty on service and the availability of replacement components.
• -Free of charge adjustment after purchase.


Product details

Category: Body Armor

Product weight: 3.00 kg.

Brand: Swedish Body Armour®

Swedish Body Armour®
Since 1991, we've protected the life of our clients with continuously evolving products setting the standard for safety, comfort, durability, performance, and design.

Product code (SKU): SBA7100

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