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 Uncle Mike's Deluxe Car Seat Black Organizer, STAT: 42021219 images

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Uncle Mike's Deluxe Car Seat Black Organizer, STAT: 42021219

SKU: UM52562

Price: 48 €

Limited stock

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Uncle Mike's Deluxe Car Seat Black Organizer with Hang Tag is perfect for people who share vehicles because it can store everything at your fingertips, and then be moved quickly to facilitate other drivers. This Car Seat Organizer by Uncle Mike's helps you move your gear from the car to the station without missing a beat with this handy car seat organizer. Divided rear section of the Uncle Mike Organizer gives you plenty of space for your files, front section gives you storage for pens, cards and cell phone, front zipper compartment allows storage of smaller items. Deluxe Seat Organizer by Uncle Mike's has a cooler in the center three-sided zipper section. Uncle Mike's Car Seat Organizer sits directly on your seat with tuck-in straps to secure it.


Product details

Category: Bags & Backpacks, Holders & Pouches

Product weight: 2 kg.

Manufacturer: Uncle Mike's

Product code (SKU): UM52562

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