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 Sharkie - Pocket Shark permanent marker for self defence, STAT no.: 96082000 images

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Sharkie - Pocket Shark permanent marker for self defence, STAT no.: 96082000


Price: 8,50 €

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The saying goes, -the pen is mightier than the sword. Indeed, Cold Steel makes some mighty strong swords, but this little pen makes for some clever competition. It´s the biggest, baddest, permanent marker around!

Superficially, it shares many features common to most markers, but appearances can be deceptive. For starters, it´s made from the glass-reinforced plastic, Grivory, the same tough material Cold Steel uses in their NIGHTSHADE SERIES, and features walls that are 4 times thicker than similar markers. This means it´s built for impact and, in a self-defense emergency it can become an efficient Yawara or Kubutan stick for driving off an attacker. Plus, the screw-top cap will stay in place and won´t pop off like a regular marker´s cap would when you strike a percussion blow, or when obtaining joint locks or submission holds.

It´s easy to carry too. Just clip it to a shirt or coat pocket, or carry in your purse, pack or brief case. Don´t spend another day without one!

Weight: 1.9 oz
Overall Length: 6 1/2 inch
Thickness: 7/8 inch
Felt Tip Pen


Product details

Category: Tactical Pens & Kubotan

Product weight: 0.25 kg.

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

Product code (SKU): CS91SPB

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