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 SBA AK47 Stopper Plate in 4 sizes Stat no.: 73269098 images

  • SBA AK47 Stopper Plate in 4 sizes Stat no.: 73269098 images
  • SBA AK47 Stopper Plate in 4 sizes Stat no.: 73269098 images
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SBA AK47 Stopper Plate in 4 sizes Stat no.: 73269098


Price: 139,25 €

  price may vary based on size / storlek


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This Swedish Body Armour unique plate is designed to stop the standard Mild Steel AK47 projectile when worn in conjunction with an NIJ Level IIIA Vest. This is the world's thinnest Anti-Rifle plate that, in conjunction with a Level IIIA Vest, defeats the following threats:

All Handgun & Revolver projectiles
7.62 × 25mm Tokarev at 0 m
7.62 × 39 mm ball ammunition, AK-47/AK-56 at 0 m
7.62 × 39 mm mild steel core at 0 m
12 gauge slug at 5 m

Material: Swedish Ballistic Steel Bonded with Dyneema
Part #: SBAPL7201

25 x 30 cm for size 2XL-6XL, or Standard size for Tactical Vests and Plate carriers
20 X 27 cm for size S-XL,
16 X 21 cm for XS and females.

Curvature: Triple Curve
Front/Back: Front Shooters cut, Back rectangular
Finish: Hermetically Sealed PU backed Nylon Cover
Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA+AK47 MSC in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA Vest
Weight: 1.2- 2.8 kg, depends on size

The price is for ONE plate order 2 pcs if you need front and back plates.


Product details

Category: Body Armor Plates

Product weight: 2.50 kg.

Brand: Swedish Body Armour®

Swedish Body Armour®
Since 1991, we've protected the life of our clients with continuously evolving products setting the standard for safety, comfort, durability, performance, and design.

Product code (SKU): SBAPL720

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