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 ESP TRAINING Disposable Textile handcuffs / Engångfängsel (set of 5 pcs) STAT no.: 95069190 images

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ESP TRAINING Disposable Textile handcuffs / Engångfängsel (set of 5 pcs) STAT no.: 95069190


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The ESP training Disposable Handcuffs HT-01-T in red colour, makes it possible to train handcuffing techniques without the necessity of destroying real disposable handcuffs. These handcuffs are equipped instead of fixation locks with silicon friction rollers, which enable smooth and easy fixation of handcuffs. They, however, exert slight resistance when the handcuffed person tries to release himself or herself from the handcuffs. The ESP TRAINING handcuff imitates the behaviour of real handcuffs, but can be easily and safely taken off after training and re-used hundreds of times. Minimal tearing strength of the handcuffs is 140 kg (verified by certified tests). Main advantages consist in low weight and easy storage. This product is patented in the USA (US Pat.: 8,156,771) and in Europe (EP 2236710).

ESP Disposable handcuffs are extesively used for training by Police in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Also used to train airline crews to to restrain violent passengers during transport without harming the client / passenger hands / feet / trainee or furniture

The Bright red fabric ribbon (HT-01-T) enables easy identification of training equipment. 

The training handcuffs are supplied as a set of 5 pieces in a plastic bag

The Cutter for these handcuffs is item no.  #ESPHK-01 or #ESPHK-02 and is ordered separatly 

Each 1pc pack of Case Pack consists of 5 pcs handcuffs in a pasltic bag. 3-pack = 15 pcs


Fickvänliga Kraftiga Dubbla handfängsel i fickformat ihopprullat, 5-pack. Engångsfängsel i starkt nylon. Ett flexiblet fängsel för händer eller fötter. Enkel att låsa bara att dra åt med autolås. Gjord av stark nylon som inte skadar handlederna. 26cm långa ca. 20 cm. stora öppningar.

ESP tränings Disposable Handbojor HT-01-T i röd färg, gör det möjligt att träna handcuffing tekniker utan behov av att förstöra reala disponibla handbojor. Dessa handfängsel är utrustade istället för fixerings lås med kiselfriktionsrullar , som gör det möjligt för smidig och enkel fixering av handbojor. De har dock utöva lätt motstånd när handbojor person försöker frigöra sig själv från handbojorna. ESP TRÄNING handcuff imiterar beteendet hos verkliga handfängsel, men kan lätt och säkert tas bort efter träningen och återanvända hudreds gånger.


Product details

Category: Training Equipment, Handcuffs

Product weight: 0.25 kg.

Brand: Euro Security Products

Euro Security Products
Since 1992 the company Euro Security Products (ESP) has produced a wide range of professional security products. Nowadays, Euro Security Products is one of the world’s most important producers of self-defense and law enforcement equipment. All ESP products are remarkable for their sophisticated...

Product code (SKU): ESPHT-01-T

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