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 ESP 26" Training Baton, STAT no.: 95069190 images


ESP 26" Training Baton, STAT no.: 95069190


Price: €39.00



In stock

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Training batons are made in two lengths TB-21 (21′′) and TB-26 (26′′). They are highly wear resistant and their dimensions and weights correspond to  21′′ and 26′′ police telescopic batons.

Product details

Category: Training Equipment

Product weight: 0.5 kg.

Manufacturer: Euro Security Products

Product code - SKU: ESPTBT



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Makalöst snabb service, lade beställningen på skärtorsdag, följande onsdag ligger varorna hemma i brevlådan när jag kom hem från jobbet. Det är ändå...

K Stroemdahl, från Trustpilot

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