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 COMBO V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images

COMBO V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099

: SBA2100

Price: €520.55





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Combo V 3D™ Tactical/Concealed Vest features:

  • Ultra lightweight & Extremely Comfortable
  • 3D COMFORTSHIELD™ ventilation system
  • Maximum protection surface – low profile!
  • Can be used overt, over the clothing for external tactical use with plates
  • Highest quality materials
  • Male and female models
  • Made in Sweden

COMBO V 3D™ is an exclusive body protection vest designed to provide good ballistic and knife protection for vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen and spine while keeping a low profile.
Front and back panel overlap at the sides for maximum protection.

The COMBO V 3D™ comes designed with adjustable & removable shoulder and waist straps allowing the vest to be adjusted to almost any body shape or size. The vest is very easy to put on and comfortable to wear.
A COMBO V 3D™ in size Medium with protection level NIJ II weighs Under 1,5kg!
COMBO V 3D™ vest includes as standard, our industry leading technology COMFORTSHIELD™ which is basically a built-in removable ventilation system!

COMBO V 3D™ can be upgraded with our SPV-PRO™ internal stab protective panels for higher stab protection levels, Ballistic plates to stop rifle threats (front and back), genital ballistic and/or cut protection, and Shoulder & Collar Pack that offers optional removable protection for the shoulders and neck.
Available in Protection Levels according to NIJ STD. 01.01.04 NIJ II, IIIA, IIIA+ as well as German, Swedish and British Protection levels.

The standard Nylon-PU cover is made of flame resistant, washable, water and dirt repellent, durable Ballistic Nylon. This model is constructed with ventilating Neoprene® straps allowing adjustment of length and waist.

Correct size = widest part of stomach in cm. + 10 cm, to use the vest over the clothing (+ 5cm for covert use under the clothing) with full protection and using Ballistic plates in the pockets.

Small = up to 75 cm
Medium = up to 85 cm
L = up to 90 cm
XL = up to 100 cm
2X. Large = up to 105 cm
3X. Large = up to 120 cm
4X.Large = up to 130 cm
5X.Large = up to 150 cm
6X.Large = up to 175 cm


The standard COMBO V 3D™ design protects down to 2-4 cm above the navel so you can drive or pick up items without interference / choking.
-Standard model fits up to 190 cm tall persons
-If you are 190 cm or taller order model +3
-If you are over 195 cm tall, order model +5

To protect yourself under the navel and down to the groin order our removable concealable groin protection here: http://www.bodyarmour.com/buy/sba-groin-protector-removable-iiia-stat-62032310-1098

Product details

Category: Concealed Undercover Vests

Product weight: 3 kg.

Manufacturer: Swedish Body Armour®

Color: Olive Drab / Olive Grön

Product code - SKU: SBA2100






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