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 BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images

  • BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
  • BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099 images
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BASIC V 3D Exclusive™ Covert Concealable Vest, STAT: 63079099

SKU: SBA1100

Price: 390 €






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BASIC V 3D Exclusive™  Protection Vest features:

  • Ultra lightweight, thin & soft
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • In-Built 3D COMFORTSHIELD™ ventilation & Trauma reduction system
  • Maximum protection for the front and back of your body – with extreme low profile!
  • Optimal Usability with quick drying high ventilation fabrics
  • No side panels for comfort and mobility
  • Male and Female breast sizes
  • 2 sizes S-L  and XL-XXL for Males and 4 sizes for Females
  • External pockets for 16 x 21cm (female) or 20 X 27 cm (male) insert plates
  • Hand made in Sweden

Optimal Usability:
BASIC V 3D Exclusive is a lower body protection vest designed to provide good ballistic and knife protection for vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen and spine while keeping a very low profile. 
The BASIC V 3D Exclusive comes designed with adjustable shoulder and V-band™waist straps allowing the vest to be adjusted to almost any body shape or size. The vest is very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. A BASIC V 3D Exclusive in size S-L with protection level NIJ II weighs only 0.75 kg!

BASIC V 3D Exclusive can be upgraded with our SPV-PRO™ internal stab protective panels for higher stab protection levels, Ballistic plates to stop rifle & exotic threats (front and back), genital ballistic and/or cut protection, and Shoulder & Collar Pack that offers optional removable protection for the shoulders and neck.
Available in Protection Levels according to NIJ STD II, IIIA, IIIA+ as well as German, Swedish and British HOSDB/Home Office Ballistic/Stab/Splinter Protection levels.

•10 years warranty on the protection level -void if abused, see our terms .
•100% satisfied customer warranty. BASIC V 3D Exclusive can be tailor made if necessary to fulfil customer’s requests or female special sizes. - Good fit is important for comfort and safety!
•Lifetime international repair warranty on ballistic panels.
•10 years warranty on service and the availability of replacement components.
•Free of charge adjustment after purchase. 

Ordering information:
Choose size, color, protection level and breast type and the correct price will be shown.
Manufactured and shipped to your order. Used by numerous European & International Police and government agencies, Press & Aid Organizations, Security companies and VIP´s.

Your Size = 3 - 4 cm larger than the largest area around your belly / stomach in cm.

S - L= up to 100 cm
 around Belly and 185cm long person

XL - XXL =up to 100 cm
 around Belly and 195cm long person

Important ! If you are larger than >up to< measurement in centimeters around the widest part of your belly the vest will NOT protect you properly, -order instead our model http://www.bodyarmour.com/buy/combo-v-3d-exclusive™-covert-concealable-vest-stat-63079099-1124 instead !


The standard BASIC V 3D™ design protects down to 3-4 cm above the navel so you can drive or pick up items without interference / choking.

-Standard S-L model fits up to 185 cm tall persons
-If you are 190 cm or taller order model XL -XXL

To protect yourself under the navel and down to the groin order our removable concealable groin protection here:



Product details

Category: Concealed Undercover Vests

Product weight: 2 kg.

Manufacturer: Swedish Body Armour®

Product code (SKU): SBA1100

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